Terms of Conditions

Article 1:
The following conditions are applicable on any sale, delivery and/or performance of services on behalf of clients. Deviations are only valid is these have been confirmed by us in writing.

Article 2:
All our offers are without obligations. We are first obliged after we have accepted the order in writing. Each quotation is based on prices, standard wages and associated national insurance charges and possible applicable legal provisions that apply on the date of the quotation. If price increases occur, we reserve the right to charge the price difference to the client respectively to adjust our delivery conditions. If the sales prices are based on the rate of the Dutch currency compared to the currency of the country of origin of the goods, and if the prices after the quotation but before the delivery have changed, we reserve the right to charge the differences as a result thereof to the customer. Although we will always try to meet the stipulated delivery time or assembly time, we cannot guarantee these. In case of exceedance of the delivery time or assembly time we are never obliged towards our clients to give compensation for the damage that was cause by this. Data in printing work that is provided by us, can be adjusted by us without prior notice. Unless stated otherwise, all prices are exclusive VAT.

Article 3:
All sales are done in cash and without any discount, unless agreed otherwise. In deviation to what might be agreed in terms of payment, we always have the right to claim payment for already supplied products, before we continue delivery, as well as to demand prepayment. If a payment term is agreed, the buyer is in default by only the expiration thereof; without requiring any notice of default. With exceedance of the payment term a legal delay interest of 1.5% is owed per month in addition to the outstanding main amount. If our client, after summons, remains in default with the payment, we also have the right to increase the owed amount with debt collection, legal and collection costs, including the costs of a councillor, all this is at least 15% of the main amount with a minimum of 75.00 euros.

Article 4:
The goods remain after the actual delivery to the buyer respectively to the address stipulated by him, our property, as long as these have not been fully paid by the buyer. As soon as the sold good has left our warehouses it is for the account and risk of the client, even if ABC Display fully or partially organises the transport on behalf of the client.

Article 5:
In case of force majeure we have the right, by choice, to extend the delivery time of the goods with the duration of the force majeure or to cancel the agreement, insofar not performed yet, without being obliged in any case to pay damage compensation. Force majeure includes: any circumstance beyond our control, that hinders the compliance of the agreement, either temporarily or permanently. Exceedance of the delivery time never gives the client the right to dissolve the agreement or to claim damage compensation, nor non-compliance on his part of any obligations or damage compensation arising from the agreement.

Article 6:
Reclamation regarding quantities or qualities of goods must be reported to us per registered letter within two working days after receipt of the goods, failure to do so will result in voidance of any claim. Reclamations regarding invoiced amount must be reported to us by registered letter within 8 days after date of invoice, failure to do so will result in voidance of any claim. When any reclamation is found justified our obligations will not go beyond the delivery of the goods again or crediting the buyer for the lesser value up to maximum the invoice amount.

Article 7:
We are not in any way liable, except in case of gross negligence, towards client and/or third parties for defects to sold or assembled goods or incorrect performance of assembly orders. Therefore, we are never obliged to compensate economic damage, damage to life or belongings and such, caused by whatever reason, to client and/or third parties as a result of the sold goods. We accept no liability for damage caused during transport even if it concerns the goods of our client or third parties. Goods can be insured during transport at the request and for the account of the client. Agreements or contracts with subordinate members of our staff who do not have any representation authority are not binding for us, insofar all this is not confirmed by us in writing. In connection with the previous provisions of this article our client must indemnify us against claims from third parties.

Article 8:
Drawings will be made available after receipt of written order of the client, at the request of the client, without prejudice to our copyright. The offers submitted by us, as well as possible provided drawings, calculations and descriptions remain our property, even if costs were charged for this.

Article 9:
Our technician can provide services with the commissioning of our presentation systems if requested and based on performance of directing. Service costs are not included, unless offered in our quotations.

Article 10:
Cancellation of an order by our clients are only excepted, provided what is stipulated hereinafter, if the client pays the costs related to the already performed work activities, even if these work activities have a preparing nature and the client subsequently, by way of prior stipulated (other) damage compensation pays 25% of part of the order amount that is related to goods to be supplied by us. Orders for non-standard or customised delivered goods can never be cancelled.

Article 11:
Assembly and rental is done under these conditions, unless agreed otherwise. The provisions in these conditions only apply for as much analogy as possible.

Article 12:
Possible purchase conditions only apply if and insofar the validity thereof have been accepted by us explicitly.

Article 13:
The goods purchased from us may not be exported professionally abroad, unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing.

Article 14:
Regarding both the concluded agreements as the performance thereof, we have the right to put someone else in our place.

Order pay:
How do I order something from the ABC Display webshop?
Ordering an exhibition stand is very simple and works as follows:
- Find the stand you want to buy and put it in the shopping cart
- Do you want to order multiple articles? Click "Continue shopping" at the bottom left of the page
- If you want to order directly, you can click on "Customer data" at the bottom right
- Select the desired payment method and enter your customer details
- Check whether all data have been entered correctly
- Complete the order by clicking on "Checkout" at the bottom right

Shipping & Delivery:
How can I have my order delivered to a different address?
When you go through the ordering process, you can change the delivery address yourself when entering your customer details. Please uncheck "Yes, my address is the same as the shipping address" and enter the desired address where you want to receive the order. Can I collect my ordered items?
It is also possible to pick up ordered items from us. You must make an appointment for this.

How can I return one (or more) item (s)?
If you want to return one or more articles, you must complete the following steps:
- Go to our service page
- Enter your personal details
- Fill in the subject: "Return request + Invoice number" (you will find this in the middle left of your invoice)
- Enter the reason for your return request in the message
- After we have received your request, we will agree by e-mail if all conditions are met.
- Send the item (or items) to us including the original invoice.
When we have received the return, we will send a confirmation email.

Payment options:
This payment method is possible for anyone with a Dutch bank card and card reader. With this payment method you can directly process the payment during the ordering process. You pay within a trusted internet payment environment, based on the security method of your own bank. You can use iDEAL immediately if you bank online with ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, ING, Knab, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank or Van Lanschot Bankiers.

Mister Cash
You can use MisterCash for payments from Belgium.

You can use Sofort for payments from Europe.

Credit card
For payments from Europe you can use Credit card.

Returns and cancellations:
ABC Display will send a photo for each delivery or schedule an appointment to review production.

Each exhibition stand is produced specifically for you. If points are not to your liking, ABC Display will be given the opportunity to restore these points.

Subject to the following, cancellation of an order by our clients will only be accepted if the client pays the costs associated with the work already performed, even if these activities are of a preparatory nature, and the client further reimburses by way of predetermined (other) compensation. 25% of the part of the order amount related to the goods to be delivered by us. Orders for non-standard or specially customized goods can never be canceled.

Except in the event of gross negligence, we are in no way liable to the client and / or third parties for defects in sold or assembled goods or incorrect execution of installation orders. Therefore, we are never obliged to compensate economic damage, damage to life or property and the like for whatever reason, caused by the client and / or third parties due to the goods sold. We also accept no liability for damage caused during transport, even if it concerns goods from our client or third parties.

Goods can be insured during transport at the request of the client and at his expense.

Agreements or agreements with subordinate members of our staff who do not have representative authority do not bind us, unless this has been confirmed in writing by us. Our client serves us in connection with the previous members of indemnify this article for claims from third parties