Stand-On Cubes

The Strongest Portable & Stackable Cube-System!

If you have your Stand-On floor already it is easy now to integrate it with the NEW Stand-On cubes.
The cubes are portable! You get 4 aluminum profiles and 4 corners, you mount them together without any tool in less than 1 minute!
The cubes have the same dimensions as the Stand-ON floor tiles 50 x 50 cm. You cover your cubes with the same top covers as we provide with the floor. You can choose one of the 22 exclusive designs.

So you integrate your cubes into your floor.
For loading heavy products on your cubes, you have to put a wooden panel on the top. It fits perfect in the edge of the profile.
You can still cover it with the design collection of our coverpanels.
The Stand-On Cubes can be stacked on eachother, the basic profile is 10 cm High.

You can design your cubes using, one, two, three or as many as you like. It is up to you! Stand-ON cubes can also be used without the Stand-On floor.