About Us

Why does your business need the Stand-On Floor?

The Stand-On Floor is created to help your business present easier and more professional then mostly do at the moment.

As our company was found in 1979 we have been on a lot of events, exhibitions and congresses all arround the world.

At all the locations we have been we noticed two things.
1: Companies had carpet placed on the plain ground.
2: There where standbuilding companies creating high floors with wooden plates.

Companies had carpet placed on the plain ground.

The companies who place the carpet on the plain ground always have the same problems showing up.

There stand looks simple and mainstream, like 95% of all the other stands.
When the exhibitor has any electric. They taped the cables on top of the carpet of under the carpet.
This is causes raised edges and bumps over which people often stumble.

Or they have selected a nice and different color carpet and now you see a big black tape line running over there carpets.

Standbuilder creating high floors with wooden plates.

Some business let standbuilder build there stands and sometime include a raised floor. The look and feel for these builded stands is very professional but we noticed that most of the raised floors where to high. Some about 15 of 20 cm. There where ramps placed of course but still it looks like a throne where you cannot just step inside. In short, high threshold formation.

Beside this the standbuilders worked with wooden plates that where screwed together and then covered with CARPET or White clossy laminate.

The plates (mostly heavy and lifted by two persons) can not be re-used for years because they screw them together and after certain periods plates need to be replaced.

Stand-On is THE solution to all..

Seeing all these things happening, we where thinking for a solution.

  • Small in transport
  • Lightweight
  • Easy placed without the use of tools.
  • Floor that can be placed by one person.
  • Perfect way to hide cables without using tape
  • Minimum height to prevent threshold formation.
  • System that can be re-used for unlimited time.
  • Floor system which can be used for any type of finishing.
    Carpets, Laminate, Changeble graphics, Great Designs.

From this idea the Stand-On Floor was realized. Finally there is a floor system that covers all your needs. supplied with a lifetime use and also able to use or heavy duty with 3600kg per m2.

We hope you enjoy using this great floor system. Place the Stand-On floor in your showroom at trade fairs or events.
Together with us, create a unique experience for your potential customers.