About us

We welcome you to visit us and personally experience the quality of our Stand-ON Floor system as well the high quality of our prints and coating.

Being a family owned business based in the Netherlands, for over 40 years we develop and produces portable presentation systems for the international market. We are of the opinion that our high quality and professionally floor system is most important for the complete appearance of your event of interieur.

Multifunctional, design, convenience and safety

The Stand-ON Expo Floor is developed after talking with a lot of our customers and collecting their various needs and requests. They discussed having many problems on their exhibition stands and promotion.

The problems we created a solution for where:

  • Stubbling over cables.
  • Cables being taped off on the carpets.
  • Unattractive floors
  • Wooden floors often too high.
  • Raised floor caused threshold formation.
  • Few options for printing on floors.

Therefore we developed a system to overcome these problems combined with ideas of making creative use of the largest surface of the stand.

Like most of our products we also wanted a floor that was modular, easy- to transport, store and clean. Besides this our customers must have the best eye catching floor with marbel-,wood-, or tiles coverage. The floor system is scratch resistance, non slippery and fire proof B1.
Every company should use the Stand-ON floor at any exhibition or temporary event.

Easy to use, Great to see, Inviting more customers.

The Products of ABC Display always are comprised of comfort, technology and design. So is the Stand-ON floor. In addition, the floor is produced in the Netherlands sustainable and cradle to cradle.