Safety first with the Raised Expo Floor

Safety first is one of the main reasons the Stand-On Floor is developed.
So many times we see ugly tape on the floor and bold carpet floors where you can trip over easlily. Often a plant is placed infront of the entrance to keep people from tumbling, but then the plant blocks the entrance causing another safety haserd, It is difficult to get in and out of the stand.

Safety pro’s

  • Hide the cable
    Adhesive or double-sided tape is no longer necessary to secure the carpet and cables.
  • Heavy load
    The floor handles 900 kg per tile, the tiles do not bend or break.
  • Integrated clip
    The tiles are placed next to and behind each other and secured with an integrated clip
  • Self supporting
    Which results in a neat and beautiful look, even in case of uneven floors

Your safety is improved because the floor is levelled and you or your visitors will no longer stumble over a buckled piece of carpet.

Safety first and design go together
The tiles are very practical and decorative, with different laying options! The floor does not require any other finishing. If you want a neat finished floor, then choose cover plates that are delivered transparently, under which you can place a (replaceable) print or coloured sheet. This way you create a new look every time. Finishing can also be done with any other upholstery such as floor covering tiles or laminate. Of course, combinations are also possible.